"I am a diabetic and have difficulty walking more than a couple of blocks without having to rest. After wearing your foot pads I was able to walk over 8 blocks without getting tired."

Josephina Romero
Los Angeles, CA

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"I broke my foot playing soccer when I was younger. I currently have arthritis, which makes it difficult for me to walk. I tried a sports recovery patch on my right foot. The pain has decreased substantially. I haven't felt this good in a very long time."

Javier Navarro
Lennox, CA

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“Oh my God! I didnt know what to expect.. after about 5 minutes of wearing the sports pads I could feel them warming up, and my soreness easing. Seriously though, I notice a huge difference! I feel so much more energized when I use Sports Recovery Pads."

Andi Ward
American College of Sports Medicine
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"My dad has circulatory problems. His feet were blue, and it was painful for him to even walk around the house. After using the BodyPure pads, he is now walking all over with no pain, and his feet are a healthy pink color! Also, a customer here at my store has emphyzema/lung and back pain to the extent that he can hardly breathe. After 3 days, he came in all lit up, dancing around the store, telling us his back pain is completely gone, and his breathing is 80% better.."

Becky Betteridge
Palm Harbor Natural Foods & Super Vitamin Outlet

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"every one of my orders from bodypure has arrived in a day or two. Nora from customer service has been amazing answering all of my questions, and looking out for my interests. Once I missed a special they had for natural products expo west, and she credited my account without my asking- who does that? dont hesitate to order from these guys"

Jayde Elmaleh
San Diego, CA (www.oishidolls.com)

"While I slept, that small pad was really working! It painlessly sucked toxins out of my body. My clean white bad turned nearly black! Take a look for yourself. Here's the pad BEFORE I put it on my foot and here it is the next morning. That black stuff is moisture and toxins that came out of my body in just one night!"

Layne Lowery
President of Health Resources

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"My feet were swollen and hurting. I wore the Sports Recovery Pads from the afternoon through the night and woke up without any inflammation or discomfort."

Olga Segura
Los Angeles, CA

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