MobilityPads Circulation Foot Pads
MobilityPads Circulation Foot Pads

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  • Benefits: Reduce soreness & fatigue
  • Improve quality of sleep
  • Increase circulation & restore sensation (see thermographic image)
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All Natural Herbal Foot Pads That Support Circulation

The Mobility Pads (Foot Circulation Formula) is based on Oriental and Ayurvedic Herbology. The foot pad's herbal blend utilizes far infrared (click for more info). heat to gradually generate warmth and dilate capillaries (for up to 10 hours).

These convenient, disposable pads are invaluable for reducing soreness, supporting mobility / circulation, and just plain soothing your tired feet! The Mobility Padstm are used to:

-Energize Tired Feet
-Enhance Circulation
-Support Mobility

The all natural alternative to chemical circulation/soreness creams & patches.

Mobility Pads contain no chemical agents, including methyl salicylate

The The Mobility Pads are made in the USA with the highest quality standards.

Box Contains 10 (10 hour) Foot Pads.

The most potent mechanic of the Mobility Pads is the infrared heat generated by the herbs/minerals. Infrared heat drastically improves circulation and causes thermal change by dilating the blood vessels.
Reviewed by Dr. Daniel Vinograd, D.D.S, N.M.D. on . Rating: 5/5

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Check Your (foot) Circulation
Poor Foot Circulation: Symptoms & Effects
How It Works/How to Use
Originally, the Mobility Pads were developed from feedback based on our BodyPure detox foot pads. The original formulation was designed to stimulate circulation as a means of detoxification. As our customers (including many diabetics) reported excellent results when using the pads to improve the circulation in their feet and legs, we went back to the drawing board to create a new foot pad. The detox specific ingredients were minimized while maximizing the ingredient content for circulation. We then researched and added the herbs best suited to enhance the effect of the Mobility Pads.

The following image depicts the placement of the Mobility Pads, a thermographic image with one pad placed on one foot, and a thermographic image taken 6 hours after placement. As the blood flow increases, watch the thermographic images change color!

The diagram below displays the infrared emittance from the Mobility Pads:

For Instructions on how to apply the pads, please see the the 'Product Q and A' tab.

5-Lac Probiotic
Sale Price: $51.95
5-Lac Probiotic
Mobility Circulation Foot Pads 3 boxes + 4th Free (40 pads)
Sale Price: $89.85
Add 3 boxes of Mobility Pads and get a 4th Free!

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