"The often overlooked benefits of mental & physical recovery are fundamental to my training programs. Sports Recovery Pads are an integral element of my ability to recover efficiently while also aiding in improved sleep patterns and a heightened sense of well-being (when used consistently). I highly recommend to anyone looking for that performance edge!."

Phil Landman
Trainer: Miguel Cotto

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"I trust BodyPure, their products and their ethics. They are good people with great products - products that are an integral part of keeping me happy & healthy. As an actor, musician, and producer this is no small thing, as my mood and health are critical to my best work."

Jeremy Batiste
Houston, Texas (www.JeremyBatiste.com)

“Living and working in high energy environments, I try to lead by example. Staying in peak performance is easier when we are not sore and tired, our bodies full of debilitating toxins. BodyPure provides unique, effective products that help maintain this lifestyle."

Michael Landman
Founder: Yoga Day LA (www.yogadayla.com)

"Reed used his overnight and woke up feeling rested and ready to go (not his usual condition on waking). I used mine all day today (I’ve had constant back spasms since 11/9)... it helped. Thank you!"

(Becky Siebenthaler &) Reed Naham Myles
Reflexologist: Clearwater, Florida
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"These pads are unbelivable! I've worn them on each foot the last two nights, and the gunk is pouring out. I noticed this morning that my toenails are clear for the first time in years. They were a yellowish color, and now they look like I went to a spa! I've used various foot bath theraphies with no success. Darndest thing I've ever seen. So much junk came out it oozed onto my socks."

Bishop M. Craig
Bishop Craig Ministries (www.BishopCraig.org)

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"This product is wonderful, I will enthusiastically recommend it to all of my patients."

Dr. Elizabeth Huntley
Precise Nutritional Care

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