BodyPure is dedicated to bringing you alternative health products that actually show results. Our company was founded by Dr. Daniel Vinograd, Albert Levine, Nora Vinograd, and Ari Vinograd.

Dr. Daniel Vinograd, a Bio-Compatible & Holistic Dentist, Naturopathic Doctor and Holistic Healer, has been finding, testing and creating health products for more than 30 years.

Many years before the term 'Holistic Dentist' even existed, he was searching for ways to detoxify himself and his patients from the heavy metals involved in dentistry... a path that eventually lead to the creation of BodyPure.

Every item on Bodypure is one considered to be a standout in the natural products world, and personally used by Dr Vinograd

Dr.Vinograd’s experience with each item is available for your perusal in the 'Description' of each product page, and via his occasional articles, which can be found Here.
"I can be reached with any questions you might have at [email protected]"
- , DDS, NMD.

[ Dr. Vinograd's Holistic Blog|His Non-toxic Toothpaste Blog]

Ari Vinograd is our CEO and Director of Technical Operations. He is also an Industrial Engineer and SEO Consultant and takes personal responsibility for ensuring you have a safe, convenient experience while browsing and making your purchases online. His direct email is [email protected]

An Architect by trade, Nora Vinograd’s facility with organization and attention to detail has kept BodyPure in top shape. Personal relationships are central to BodyPure and Nora ... [email protected]

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