Ginger Foot Pads
Ginger Foot Pads

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  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Reduce Oxidative Stress
  • Reduce Metatrsal Pain
Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $34.95

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Feel Better With The Anti-Inflammatory Power Of Ginger In Our Ginger Foot Pads

Experience reduced swelling plus soothing metatarsal support for all-day and all-night pain relief with our unique, proven, American-made ginger foot pads – designed by professionals, manufactured by experts and available for direct order now.

Created to provide arch support, improved daytime energy, better sleep at night and 24-hour pain relief, these ginger foot patches are the only product available today with our doctor-developed proprietary blend of:

· Ginger for reduced inflammation
· Menthol for soothing pain reduction
· Comfrey for its antioxidant properties, and
· Witch Hazel, for healing and restoration.

Expect results that include:

· Prevention and reduction of swelling
· Soothing of aching, tired feet
· Minimization of inflammation
· Improvement of circulation
· Detoxification of the whole body
· Enhancing of sleep
· Increasing of energy
· And additional life-enhancing outcomes.

This website is your exclusive source for getting our ginger foot pads for metatarsal support directly from us and for our buy-direct low price.

How It Works/How to Use

ginger detox pads

Benefit From The Soothing Properties Of Ginger

Ginger has been recognized for centuries as a digestive aid and circulation enhancer (not to mention as a spice to enhance a range of foods), but it has remarkable properties when applied externally. Our ginger foot pads harness these properties to help you feel better.

The key to our proprietary formula is Gingerol. This naturally powerful oil is what gives ginger its unique taste and is also the component of ginger recognized around the world for its ability to reduce pain, including the stubborn discomfort associated with osteoarthritis.

But it does more than that. By cutting cellular oxidative stress, it can bring down swelling and prevent it from recurring.

Gingerol is so useful in alternative and Eastern healthcare that is frequently used to support skin health, improve digestion and lower blood sugar levels. While some might consider it exaggerating to call ginger a miraculous cure-all, there’s no doubt that it can play a crucial role in improved overall health.

Additionally, our ginger foot pads include menthol, comfrey and witch hazel – all natural wonders proven to support overall health.

Get Results Your Way

Unlike some other foot patches which are designed to be used only at night, our ginger foot pads are designed to use 24/7 if desired. When you’re walking or standing, using pads on both feet provides foot pain relief and arch support. You can leave them on through just about any activity.

At night, our ginger foot patches bring more power than other brands to relieve pain and reduce swelling, helping you sleep better. For nighttime use, you can use this product on only one foot or double the impact by using on both. Use every day, alternate feet or use only occasionally. It’s up to you. Because there are no side effects, you can use all the time if you want.

To find out if these pain relief foot patches can help you, simply give them a try. You could experience specific benefits related to your situation:

• If you’re an athlete, restore optimal function and recover quicker so you can train or practice more.
• If you’re a senior, eliminate chronic pain concerns and reduce your pill intake so you no longer have the annoying and debilitating side effects of all those medicines.
• If you’re an adult of any age or activity level, fall asleep better and without leg, foot or knee pain using these ginger foot pads. Whoever you are, you can reduce your pain, aches and swelling while eliminating lethargy, sleep issues and other concerns. Our product helps you get swelling under control, eliminating one barrier to healthy sleep and helping your lower body joints feel better – for a better life overall.

When You Choose These Ginger Foot Pads…

This American-designed, American-made product is fully tested, guaranteed and backed by a friendly team of U.S.-based customer support representatives who are knowledgeable about this and related products and want to help. When you buy from someone else, who knows what you might get. Our ginger foot pads:

• Are made of all-natural ingredients you can trust
• Come from a respected brand and a team of professionals
• Can minimize your inflammation and maximize your blood flow
• Provide metatarsal support
• Work!

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