5 Main Benefits + 5 Unexpected Uses for Coconut Oil

5 Main Benefits + 5 Unexpected Uses for Coconut Oil

coconut oil This is one ingredient that has gained well-earned popularity recently. Coconut oil is one of Earth’s most wonderful and diverse gifts. While many people are wholly focused on it working wonders for weight loss programs, raising metabolic rates, and helping control diabetes, there are countless other benefits of this oil. Below is a list of both the main and the unexpected uses for coconut oil.

Main Benefits:

Before looking at the diverse and sometimes strange uses for this oil, let’s take a quick look at the main health advantages.
  1. Weight management: The most notable benefit is that it helps with weight loss by controlling hunger, raising metabolism, and controlling blood sugars.
  2. Energy: Coconut is an exceptional energy oil. It makes you feel more alert while also helping you burn more fat.
  3. Cognition: This oil has a unique combination of powerful amino and fatty acids that promote healthy brain function and has shown to decrease the risk of dementia associated with aging.
  4. Infection fighter: It’s the supreme antibacterial. The lauric acid in the oil prevents and treats infections by killing off viruses, fungi, and bacteria.
  5. Neurological: The fatty acids in coconut oil are converted into ketones, which can help to reduce seizures in those with an epileptic-type condition.

Unexpected Uses

  1. Beauty: Coconut oil is one of the greatest and most natural beauty products you can use. It helps moisturize dry skin, control frizzy hair, remove make-up easily, and is an excellent shaving cream, especially for the sensitive areas on the face. Additionally, coconut oil can help with skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and diaper rash.
  2. Mouthwash: We are constantly putting germs and bacteria into our mouth. Just by walking around in a city and talking, we are susceptible to dangerous toxins and bacteria which can live comfortably in the warm, moist environment of our mouths. Swish some coconut oil with warm water for several long minutes every morning or evening to pull the bacteria and harmful toxins from the crevices inside the mouth.
  3. Spot remover: Did someone spill the spaghetti? After you’ve cleaned up the food, rub some coconut oil into the stain. Then, mix a bit more with baking soda and scrub the area thoroughly. As a side note, this baking soda and coconut oil mixture make a dynamite toothpaste that will whiten your teeth.
  4. Cleaner and polish: This is a great oil to use for oiling down wood and easily removing caked-on dirt and scum such as that found in sinks and bathrooms. Nothing needs to be added. Simply put some on a cloth and scrub or rub.
  5. Creamer: Mix with a bit of oil with some regular cream, milk, or natural sweetener like honey and add to your morning coffee or tea. It will help jump start your metabolism for the day, not to mention taste fantastic.

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