BodyPure+ Detox Foot Pads (10-Day Supply)
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  • 8+ years best selling product
  • Benefits: Improve immune system, reduce fatigue & improve quality of sleep
  • Immediate visual results (see before & after image)
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The Original Design Foot Detox Pads – Best Selling for 8 years!

We create completely natural foot pads or patches from herbal ingredients that can be worn on the sole of the foot for up to 10 hours. This eliminates the toxins in our bodies, including heavy metals, by drawing them out over time. Our BodyPure+ pads are not only easy to use, but are only made with natural ingredients, and are super effective. People in Japan have used this product for years in order to sleep better, improve their circulation, help support their metabolism, release toxins, and feel more energised. Detoxing your body gives your immune system the support it needs, and helps to prevent sickness. If you purchase three boxes, you’ll receive a Free CTS Used Pad Analysis tool, worth $15! Everything is made here in the US, and each box of 10 pads comes with our manufacturer’s money back guarantee.

I first realized that we all needed to detoxify our bodies when I was working as a dentist, and I discovered that many of my patients had received dental work packed with heavy metals from other dentists. That was when I knew that foot patches had to be developed in order to draw out those toxins.
Reviewed by Dr. Daniel Vinograd, D.D.S, N.M.D. on . Rating: 5/5
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How It Works/How to Use
It’s hard to believe that something so small and insignificant could draw out so many toxins, but there is nothing magical in the patches themselves; they simply build upon the body’s natural system. Take a look at the image below.
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You can see that there are different parts of the sole of the feet that correspond with other parts of our bodies, and it is by stimulating the right parts of the foot that you can stimulate other areas of the body that we would not normally be able to reach. The central-anterior area of the foot is directly connected to the spleen, liver, and kidneys. Not convinced? If you’re not allergic to garlic, rub some freshly cut garlic on the bottom of your feet for at least 45 seconds. Within a minute, you’ll be able to taste it in your mouth! The same technique is used by the BodyPure+ patches; they draw out the toxins just like trees draw up water.

What is the science behind this?
Over time, the toxins that our body takes in become embedded in our very tissues, making them very difficult to remove. The BodyPure+ patches have herbs that naturally react with our skin, emitting infrared energy that stimulates the Kidney 1 Meridians that are found on the soles of our feet, which you can discover more about if you Click Here Click to learn more about infrared energy. These areas are used by acupuncturists to promote healing, and that is exactly what these patches do – but for up to ten hours. Furthermore, the bamboo vinegar extract which is one of the core ingredients of the foot patches create the minus ion effect, making it much easier for the body to secrete the toxic fluids due to an osmotic shift in the skin. This means that the toxins are removed much faster than you would expect.

What proof do you have that these work?
1. Once you have seen what the pads look like after you have used them, you’ll be amazed – black and brown with toxins, you’ll be astonished that so much was in your body (see visual evidence). 2. Many different used samples were sent to the SRC Analytical Lab, a highly respected and accredited Environmental Laboratory, whose results showed that the pads were able to successfully draw out arsenic, nickel, and mercury – amongst others. 3. A syncrometer was used to analyze further samples that were given of used patches, which uses matching frequencies to tell what is in the pads. This machine discovered a whole lot of other things that had been drawn out of the people who had used the pads, including benzene, mercury, asbestos, thallium, aluminium, copper, sudan black due, isopropyl alcohol, lead, DAB dye, PCB, cadmium, nickel, fast green dye, methyl alcohol, lead, and even mercury. 4. Lastly, hair analysis of those who have used the pads – both before and after – have demonstrated that the pads truly have made a difference. Click Here to see some of the results.
(note: the pads were only used over a 2 month period, the extended time lapse between tests is required in order for new hair to grow out for testing)

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5-Lac Probiotic
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Buy 3 boxes and get a Free used pad analysis!

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