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Yin Chiao (Chieh Tu Pien)
Yin Chiao (Chieh Tu Pien)

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Also known as Coldstop, Yin Chiao is the long sought cure for the common cold, a hundred percent herbal, a hundred percent safe, and already in use for hundreds of years (the Western world is just catching on). Use when exposed to or with the beginning signs of cold or flu. Functions (in Chinese Medicine): Disperses Wind Heat, Clears Heat, Relieves Toxicity.

I have been successfully using Yin Chiao for years to fend of colds & flu, and no surprise, as the Chinese have been using these formulas for 1000's of years, and even US manufacturer's are beginning to adopt these ingredients into their formulas. Yin Chiao, Gan Mao Ling, and Zhong Gan Ling work best when used in the early stages of sickness.
Reviewed by Dr. Daniel Vinograd, D.D.S, N.M.D. on . Rating: 5/5

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