BodyPure2x Detox Foot Pads
Add a 10 day (100 hrs) Supply of Detox Foot Pads!

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  • 2x the active ingredients of any detox pads on the market
  • Benefits: Improve immune system, reduce fatigue & improve quality of sleep
  • Immediate visual results (see before & after image)
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Get the new Detox Foot Patch with DOUBLE the active ingredients!

foot detox pads
Foot patches, also known as foot pads or herbal pads, are placed for up to ten hours on the bottom of your feet so that they can draw out the toxins within your body (including heavy metals). Made of only natural ingredients and very easy to use, people in Japan have depended on these foot patches for years to improve their sleep, remove toxins from their body, improve circulation, reduce fatigue, and strengthen their metabolism. Many people do it regularly just to keep in good health. What makes these foot patches a superior value is that they contain double the active ingredients as others that you can buy.

Having a detox or a detoxification will dramatically improve your immune system, helping it to fight off disease. As your circulation and sleep also improve, you will soon start to notice the difference. Each box contains 10 foot patches that last 10 hours each, and if you buy three then you’ll get a free CTS Used Pad Analysis worth $15!

How to use: Put on each foot patch for between 8 to 10 hours each night, and either test in the morning or dispose of them. Repeat and alternate which feet you use for up to one month. Click here for a step by step guide to put on the foot patches.

foot detox pads It took many years for the final formula of these Boydpure Detox Foot Pads to be completed, and it started because the my patients wanted to be rid of the heavy metals that were slowly contaminating their bodies. Years of research and investigations into quality ingredients eventually brought him to these foot pads.
Reviewed by Dr. Daniel Vinograd, D.D.S, N.M.D. on . Rating: 5/5

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How It Works/How to Use
Many people do not believe that it is possible for something on the outside of their foot to have any real impact on what is going on inside their body – but as soon as they try it for themselves, they see the physical evidence. You need to have an understanding of reflexology in order to better understand this, so look at the images below:
foot detox pads detox foot pads
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You can see how the central-anterior part of the foot is directly connected to the liver, kidneys, and spleen. Although it may be hard to understand or believe that such different parts of the body could actually be connected to each other, there is a simple and completely painless experiment that you can do in order to feel the effects of this. If you have no allergies to garlic, take a clove and cut it in half, rubbing the freshly cut side of the garlic clove on the bottom of your foot for around 45 seconds. It will not take long for you to be able to start tasting garlic in your mouth! With the connections that our bodies have now clear, you can see why we use the naturally occurring ingredients in the foot patches to draw out the harmful toxins in the body, all whilst using the natural relationships between foot and kidney – much in the same way that trees pull up nutrients and water from the ground.

What Is The Science Behind The Foot Patches?

Our bodies take in toxins all of the time through the food that we eat and the air that we breathe, and these toxins become embedded in our tissues. The foot patches are designed for the natural herbs to interact with our reflexology system, and they start to emit infrared rays. Click for more information on Far infrared. These rays stimulate the Kidney 1 Meridians which can be found on the soles of our feet – an area used by acupuncturists and acupressurists in order to encourage healing and remove tension. What the foot patches do is stimulate these areas gently for around 10 hours. Click Here to see the location of the Kidney 1 Meridian on the sole of the foot. There is also wood vinegar in the foot patches, which creates an effect called the ‘minus ion’ effect. This creates something called an osmotic shift that greatly increases the transfer of toxins through the skin, accelerating the process by which the toxins are removed.

Is There Any Proof?
  1. You will be able to see the visual evidence in the morning after taking off your foot patches, and over the next few days you will be able to see a change in the foot patches.
  2. Many samples of used detox foot patches were sent to SRC Analytical Lab, an accredited Environmental Laboratory. Their results should that the patches had absorbed nickel, arsenic, and mercury, as well as many others.
  3. Further testing was carried out on other foot patches that had been used by people – testing carried out by a syncrometer. This analyses individual substances using a matching technique, and all of these were found in the pads: benzene, methyl alcohol, cadmium, lead, nickel, arsenic, DAB dye, sudan black dye, fast green dye, asbestos, thallium, mercury, copper, aluminium, isopropyl alcohol, and PCB (plastic by-product).
  4. We have tested the hair of individuals both before and after using these foot patches, and you can see an example if you Click Here.
(note: the pads were used over a two month period, the minimum required for new growth of hair for testing)


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BodyPure2x Foot Detox Pads (30 Days) + Free Test
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Buy 3 boxes and get a Free used pad analysis!
5-Lac Probiotic
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5-Lac Probiotic

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