Epsom Salt Liver Flush: A Royal Flush on a Pauper’s Budget

Disclaimer: The following is for educational purposes only. Please consult with your Doctor or Physician prior to engaging in any of the activities described below. The article is not design to treat or cure any disease.

Angry, irritable, depressed? You may be suffering from liver congestion. In this age of fried food-mania and toxic overload, it is not hard to tax our overworked liver.

One of the most effective and inexpensive cleanses I have come across is one that has helped my liver release a great deal of hardened fatty deposits.

I begin drinking pure apple juice between meals six days prior to the cleanse (3-4 glasses a day is best.) This option is not absolutely necessary, but seems to improve the results.

On the day of the cleanse I stop eating or drinking by 2 PM.

6 PM I drink a ¾ cup of cold water with 1 tablespoon of Epsom salts.

8 PM I repeat the 6 PM instructions

10 PM I mix ¾ cup of grapefruit juice with ½ cup of light virgin olive oil (cold pressed is best) and I shake it vigorously. I visit the bathroom, drink the mix and go to bed immediately. Being still for 15-20 minutes is critical when first going to bed.

Next morning I drink a water-Epsom salt drink (prepared the same as the previous day) and two hours later I repeat one last time the water-Epsom salt routine.

How did I do? I look for green, floating stool as a sign of liver originated excess.

I usually start eating lightly late that morning and by the afternoon a feeling of wellbeing has engulfed me.

For a couple of dollars I have given my body a great present. Having witnessed a number of friends and family members experience similar results, I have no doubt fallen now into the ranks of the be-livers.

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