Ever met Montezuma in a third world country?

Disclaimer: The following is for educational purposes only. Please consult with your Doctor or Physician prior to engaging in any of the activities described below. The article is not design to treat or cure any disease.

While traveling to certain countries in Latin America or Asia can be an extremely enriching cultural experience, all the magic of the event can be lost if we are struck by digestive disease.

Amongst the most common pathogens associated with food or water related disease is salmonella. The most common symptom of salmonella driven disease is diarrhea, often accompanied by fever and abdominal cramps. The onset may be sudden and there may be nausea and vomiting initially.

One way that I have personally made my more adventurous trips less volatile is by carrying a bottle of “Lugol”* with me. I simply place six drops in a glass half full with water and drink it following any suspicious meal or beverage.

Iodine, discovered in 1811, is one of the oldest and most effective antibacterial agents. Lugol, a combination of 44 grams of USP grade iodine and 88 grams of USP grade potassium iodide in 250 milliliters of water, can be the ticket to keep those nasty trip-ruining bacteria away.

Recently, a relative that had visited Mexico returned with typical signs of Salmonella infection. After using the Lugol, her diarrhea and cramps ceased within an hour. Another lady, the wife of a local Gynecologist suffering the same fate, decided to follow suit, using the Lugol, and eliminating her own distress.

Iodine is not for everyone though. There is a small percentage of the population that is allergic to Iodine, and for those individuals that fall into this category, Lugol should not be used! Also, people with thyroid related abnormalities should check with their Health Practitioner prior to usage.

*I do not sell or profit by the sale of this product (Lugol) in any way.

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