Am I Toxic Take the Quiz

Am I Toxic? Take the Quiz!

Although the industrial revolution yielded staggering benefits to the US economy, it also caused some undesired results - nearly unseen, and detrimental to our environment and people. Just from the way our food is grown, processed, and packaged we see contaminants and toxins introduced to our lives. Before industrialization there weren’t many concerns of food contamination. However with the continual rate of technological and scientific growth, it becomes paramount to guard against toxins and chemicals.

The concern of toxicity (read about our detox
foot patches) has been growing in the past few years rampantly. There are a growing amount of newer and stronger chemicals, sources of pollution and radiation. Every single day we ingest new chemicals and drugs, use toxic hair and skin products, eat more contaminated foods, and are exposed to environmental toxins. There are nearly too many carriers of toxins (to enter our body) to keep track of.

Although toxicity doesn’t always show immediate signs, it can lead to dysfunction and disease. Published author and speaker on the subject, Dr Elson Haas lectures that cancer, cardio vascular disease, arthritis, allergies, obesity, headaches, fatigue, pains, coughs, gastrointestinal problems, weak immune system and many other issues can arise from over-exposure to toxins.

The body is built to handle a certain amount of toxins. It even eliminates toxins through natural body processes in order to remain balanced (such as sweat). However when there are too many toxins in the body to be eliminated; they can cause issues with cells and tissues, forcing them to work less and become damaged.

The concern isn’t actually with small quantities of toxins but rather with excess intake of toxins. These toxins can come from a range of foods, drugs, and packages. If too you’re exposed to many of them you may be subject to the adverse effects of toxicity. Toxicity makes it harder for your body to maintain homeostasis (balance and health). The balance is affected when the body is overwhelmed with a toxic burden. Click here if you would like to test your toxicity levels from home.

If you’re curious if about your daily toxin consumption or exposure,


Q1) Do you use antacids, antiperspirants, baking powders, beverage/food cans, buffered aspirin, canned foods, city water supplies, aluminum cookware and utensils, cosmetics, foil, lipstick, ore smelting plants, or processed cheeses?

The answer is most likely yes. What’s scary is that all of the products above contain aluminum; and it’s important to understand that aluminum is toxic in excessive quantities.

Aluminum is absorbed through the skin, lungs, and intestinal tract; its toxicity affects the bones (causing brittleness), kidneys, stomach, and brain. It’s also thought to contribute to Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and other brain disorders.

Staying clear of aluminum as much as you can is a good idea. Only buy antiperspirants that don’t contain aluminum, check the labels on any food you may consume, limit consumption from canned foods, don’t drink tap water, don’t use aluminum cookware and utensils when possible, and generally avoid anything containing aluminum that will go into your body or on it.


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