From the Kidneys to Your Heart: What Detox Pads Can Do for You

foot detox Detox patches are a simple, natural means of purifying your body. But how do detox foot patches work? Let’s take a look at the science of detox pads, the natural ingredients within, and how the foot patch can benefit you.

An ancient method

Similar to ancient forms of alternative medicine like acupuncture, reflexology focuses on the stimulation and addition of pressure to the the hands, ears, and feet in order to alter how other parts of the body -- including internal organs -- function. It is thought that reflexology has its roots in Egyptian medicine, but the earliest reference to the practice appears in Ancient Greek medical texts. Aulus Cornelius Celsus, a student of Hippocrates, commented in his Medicina Libri series of texts the practice of rubbing the arms and legs of a patient often diminished pain felt in the head and chest.

foot reflexology By stimulating the arch of the foot as one sleeps, detox patches replicate some of the effects of a reflexology session. According to the tenets of reflexology, within the foot are conduits to a number of vital internal organs, including the lung, heart, liver, kidney, pancreas, and gall bladder.

Practitioners of reflexology and alternative medicine often use an unusual example to show the connection between the foot and internal organs. If you cut open and rub a clove of fresh garlic on your feet, you will taste the flavor in less than 5 minutes. Garlic poultices applied to the hands and feet are commonly used as an herbal remedy for colds, especially when the individual cannot stomach the intense flavor of fresh garlic.

Physicians William Fitzgerald and Edwin Bowers popularized the use of reflexology within North America during the early 20th Century, extolling its pain relieving benefits. Reflexology is officially recognized as a complementary form of medical treatment in the United Kingdom, with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council registering practitioners of this technique.

What are in detox patches?

used detox foot pads Foot patches are composed solely of natural ingredients. The pads often make use of multiple ingredients, including bamboo vinegar, the mineral tourmaline, and Houttuynia cordata, in an attempt to leach toxic chemicals from the body.

While the exact efficacy of the pads in removing toxins from internal organs through the skin of the foot is still being researched, a change in the color of the pads is often observed during the course of use. In a 30 to 90 day cycle of application, foot patches go from their out of the box white to a dark gray, almost black color after a night’s use in the first few days of application, and then appearing nearly, but not completely white at the end of the cycle. It is not possible, however, to correlate the color of the pads with a specific toxin due to the literally thousands of toxins that could be within the body.

Some of the particulates found on foot patches are not necessarily toxins – like sodium. While sodium can be dangerous in high quantities, it is also needed for our body to operate, as our cells pass necessary materials through sodium controlled gates.

The purity of the bamboo vinegar is very important, with extracts allowing for an extremely concentrated, extremely pure form of bamboo vinegar leading to a more efficient
foot patch.

Tourmaline is a mineral found in large deposits within Brazil and Africa (that contains potassium). Another natural ingredient, diatomaceous earth, is often included in higher-end foot patch. Diatomaceous earth contains an unusual, but natural mineral composition of the element silicon, with the organization of the atoms giving the mineral spectacular absorptive properties.

hottunya cordata Houttuynia cordata is likely an ingredient you are unfamiliar with – the leafy plant is native to Southeast Asia, China, and Japan, where it is used as an herbal medicine to fight bacterial and viral infections along with pneumonia, with a tea often made from its leaves. Scientists in China have researched its affect on severe acute respiratory syndrome, a medical condition better known to the world as SARS.

Want to become healthier while you sleep?

Foot patches make use of an adhesive layer to stick to your feet overnight while you are safely slumbering. The adhesive nature decreases the amount of discomfort, allowing you to reap the reflexology and detox benefits with little effort during six to right hours of natural rest. Additionally, one could use foot pads during long road trips or flights if needed. The pads are relatively inexpensive as well, combining the possibility of health benefits with a very low financial cost and little additional effort and time.

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Image of Houttuynia cordata via Jardin Alpin/CC.
Image of used detox pads via Maurina Rara/CC.

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